SIX Months Industrial Training

At Keen Infotech we provide Summer training / Internship for B.Tech and IT Students. We specialize in Mobile technologies e.g. Android, iOS and Web technologies ASP.NET MVC,Spring MVC,PHP And Python. At Keen Infotech we have special infrastructure for internship students with mentors allocated.


Android | Java, JavaEE | PHP MySQL | Laravel | ASP.NET MVC | ASP.NET Core | Python | Spring MVC | Struts 2.0

MCA Internship - Industrial Training with Live Project

We are happy to assist you in your career oriented 6 Month Internship Program of January 2018 in our organisation for all BE/Btech/Mtech/BCA/MCA/BSC-IT/MSC-IT Students for Live Project based 6 Month Internship in our Workshop


  • • Students who are in 3rd and 4th year of B.E. / B.TECH or 2nd and 3rd year of BCA/ MCA. or 2nd year of BSc IT/ MSc IT.

  • • Students from various Technical Universities, who are pursuing B.Tech.

  • • Students who are Pursuing MSc IT / BSc IT

  • • Students who have passed out / Pursuing of M.Tech / B.Tech / MCA/BCA/Msc IT/ BSc IT or wish to do.

  • • Skill enhancement trainees are also eligible for the training.

  • Get a Free Domain and build your own live project!

    Use this name to access your website, no matter where it is hosted. Of course, this service is absolutely free and we don't place any ads on your website! Just setup a Free URL redirection with URL cloaking (URL masking) and forward it to your real website URL. We provide many other features

  • Free Short URL - we provide one of the shortest free web address on the net. What can be shorter than a domain name? - Only a free domain name.

  • Free URL Redirection also known as free URL forwarding or domain forwarding service to redirect your free domain name to your real website address.

  • Free URL Cloaking also known as Free URL Masking - is used to mask a real website address with the Free Domain Name. So, your free domain name will always be in the location bar of your website visitors' web browser.

  • Free Path Forwarding for both subdirectories and files. Path forwarding can be used if you want to access e.g. a subdirectory or some files using your free domain name forwarding address - e.g.

  • META TAGS support - the most important meta tags such as Title, Description, Keywords, Robots, and many other meta tags are supported - they are very important for your website to be indexed by search engines

  • Technical Presentation Skills Training

    When a presenter’s content is technically dense or highly complicated, audience attention can wander and understanding can evaporate. In this two day Technical Presentation Skills Training workshop, technical professionals learn how to hold an audience’s interest and ensure comprehension of data that may otherwise be considered “dry” or “too technical.” This proven Technical Presentation Skills Training workshop builds the skills needed to effectively present technical or data-rich information to both technical and non-technical audiences with clarity, confidence, and credibility. Participants develop their individual delivery style and master the technical presentation skills that will earn the greatest respect for their ideas and information by:

  • Adapting their content for each unique audience – technical or non-technical.

  • Being concise and clear.

  • Communicating with confidence.

  • Using visuals effectively.

  • Handling tough or challenging questions effectively and credibly.

  • Encouraging and managing audience interaction

  • To register yourself call on : +91 9269573303 ! Happy to Assist you.

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