MCA Internship - Industrial Training with Live Project

At Keen Infotech we provide industrial training / Internship with Live Project to MCA,MSC and IT Students. We specialize in Mobile technologies e.g. Android, iOS and Web technologies Python,ASP.NET MVC,ASP.NET Core,Spring MVC,PHP and Laravel, Python Machine Learning. At Keen Infotech we have special infrastructure for internship students with mentors allocated.


We are happy to assist you in your career oriented 6 Month Internship Program of January 2018 in our organisation for all BE/Btech/Mtech/BCA/MCA/BSC-IT/MSC-IT Students for Live Project based 6 Month Internship in our Workshop.

Technologies we offer for Industrial Training/Internship

Android | Java, JavaEE | PHP MySQL | Laravel | ASP.NET MVC | ASP.NET Core | Python | Spring MVC | Struts 2.0


  • Students who are in 3rd and 4th year of B.E. / B.TECH or 2nd and 3rd year of BCA/ MCA. or 2nd year of BSc IT/ MSc IT.
  • Students from various Technical Universities, who are pursuing B.Tech.
  • Students who are Pursuing MSc IT / BSc IT.
  • Students who have passed out / Pursuing of M.Tech / B.Tech / MCA/BCA/Msc IT/ BSc IT or wish to do.
  • Skill enhancement trainees are also eligible for the training.

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Interview Preparation Class

Designed for any undergraduate student preparing for an internship experience or career position.

  • Self-assessments to understand yourself and careers/internships that best fit your interests and personality preferences.
  • Exploration of resources and techniques for finding and evaluating potential positions; resume and cover letter writing; interview techniques and preparation.

Technical Presentation Skills Training

When a presenter’s content is technically dense or highly complicated, audience attention can wander and understanding can evaporate. In this two day Technical Presentation Skills Training workshop, technical professionals learn how to hold an audience’s interest and ensure comprehension of data that may otherwise be considered “dry” or “too technical.”
This proven Technical Presentation Skills Training workshop builds the skills needed to effectively present technical or data-rich information to both technical and non-technical audiences with clarity, confidence, and credibility.

Participants develop their individual delivery style and master the technical presentation skills that will earn the greatest respect for their ideas and information by:

  • Adapting their content for each unique audience – technical or non-technical .
  • Being concise and clear
  • Communicating with confidence
  • Using visuals effectively
  • Handling tough or challenging questions effectively and credibly
  • Encouraging and managing audience interaction

To register yourself call on : +0294-2413542
+91 9610032961
+91 9269573303

Happy to Assist you.

Project Implementation Process

  • Step 1: Typically students undergo training on particular technology platforms of their choice.
  • Step 2: Thereafter they would be assigned a Team Leader and he/she is expected to execute a live project work under the guidance of a Project manager/analyst.
  • Step 3: At the end of the program each trainee would need to submit a ‘Project Report’ of the work done, and would also be required to make a presentation.
  • Step 4: All the students will be provided certificate after training after an evaluation.

Project Based Training Domains

  • Web Applications Development in ASP.NET 4.5 and ASP.NET MVC 6 with C#
    • HTML,HTML5,CSS,CSS3,Bootstrap
    • Java Scipt,Jquery(RIA),AJAX,AngularJS
    • C#,ASP.NET 4.5,SQL Server,ADO.NET,ASP.NET MVC 6 & Entity Framework 6
    • Object Oriented Design and UML
    • Software Testing,SEO and Internet Marketing
  • Web Development in PHP/MySql
    • HTML,HTML5,CSS,CSS3,Bootstrap
    • Java Scipt,Jquery(RIA),AJAX,AngularJS
    • Object Oriented Design and UML
    • Software Testing,SEO and Internet Marketing
    • CMS and Framework
      • WordPress
      • Drupal
      • Joomla
      • Magento
      • CakePHP
      • Zend Framework
      • CodeIgniter
  • Java Web Development and Android App Development
    • HTML,HTML5,CSS,CSS3,Bootstrap
    • Java Scipt,Jquery(RIA),AJAX,AngularJS
    • Object Oriented Design and UML
    • Java Core,JSP,Servlet,MySql Server,JDBC and Spring MVC
    • Android App Development


  • All training domains are designed according to the global curriculum of IT Giants like Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, Adobe, Cisco etc.
  • Internship duration of each domain (given above) is of 6 Months i.e. 180 days and class will be run on Monday to Friday basis and on Weekends there are the classes of Interview Preparation, Group Discussion and Technical events.
  • Trainees will go through the Live Project Internship in which we implement the modules of corresponding domains for the last two months.
  • Special lectures on Internet Marketing, B2B / B2C Portals, ASP.NET Experts guide, Adobe Specialist tips.
  • The certificate will be from KEEN INFOTECH Technologies, Udaipur.
  • The Student will get two certificates. One for Internship and one for Project Completion.
  • Students will be awarded by 6 Months Industrial Training Letter by Keen Infotech Technologies
  • The student has to sign a code of conduct before the Beginning of the program.
  • Students have to maintain their own project diary which will be verified our project guide.


The preparation for placement of students starts right from day one. The students are given extensive training to enable them enhance their professional skills to ensure best placements in the Industry. More emphasis is given on development of the following skills:

  • Speaking Skills
    • Group Discussion
    • Mock Interview
    • Just three minutes (extempore)
  • Writing Skills
    • Letter & Application Writing
    • Short stories on the basis of pictures displayed
    • Report Writing
    • Article Writing
  • Negotiation Skill/Project Distribution Skill
  • Presentation Skill

On successful completion of the program the candidate would get a Certificate from KEEN INFOTECH and also could land with Job Opportunities in the KEEN INFOTECH, affiliates and group Companies.

Keen Infotech has a full-fledged Placements Team in place. The Team is in touch with all our students completing the course on different technologies. On receiving recruitment request, the Team screens & shortlists candidates & sends them for tests/ interviews to the company.

List of Company name
  • IFW Techno Creations PVT LTD
  • WEBTECH Softwares
  • Elixir Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • E-Connect Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Web Search Solutions
  • kansoftware
  • Cognus technology
  • Arrowebs
  • Fusion Outsourcing
  • Golcha associated
  • Push Binary


Q: Is the project live? Will the company host your project in real time or online?

Ans: Company will provide the modules of ongoing projects in Keen Infotech. Those students will perform better on these modules that will be uploaded by company. The URL of the corresponding project will entertain students resume as well as Internship Letter.

Q: Can you present it to your perspective employer when you finally start giving interviews for your dream job?

Ans: Our core focus is to make the students well verse with the different cycles of Software Development and to provide them hand on experience on work place environment. During the Internship, Students will also go through special sessions on Career Guidance, How to face Interviews and Personality Development.

Q: Is the company going to enroll you into actual Software and Web Development environment?

Ans: Keen Infotech Knowledge ware will provide you an opportunity to work with a team of Software and Web Developers, under the guidance of project managers and senior programmers. The Internship includes both class room and practical job work. Once you learn the language and database basics, you will be asked to work on the actual project with real time coding.

Q: What project the company is going to give you and will it help you learn the latest technologies?

Ans: Keen Infotech will provide the projects like ERP Solutions, Application software, Mobile Applications, Dynamic Websites, Web Portals, Web Store, E-commerce websites, CMS sites in which we implement new technologies like Microsoft WPF, WCF, SilverLight, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress, Drupal, Cakephp, Android etc.

  • Internship of each domain is paid Internship. Company will charge 15000/- INR including service tax per candidate for each Internship domains.
  • Students can register by depositing the amount of 1000 INR which is included in the Internship fee.

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