Why Flutter and Dart Training Course at Keen Infotech Udaipur?

  • Real time project based Flutter Training Course
  • Real-Time Case Studies on Flutter and Dart
  • Use of Latest Tools & Technology
  • Unlimited Lab facility
  • Daily Handouts & Lab Exercise

Flutter and Dart Training Course Details

Keen Infotech Flutter and Dart Hybrid Mobile App Development Training Course is designed to learn how to use Flutter and Dart to develop high-quality, interactive mobile applications both for iOS and Android devices. In this training class, you will learn how to how to code using Dart and build beautiful, fast, native-quality iOS and Android apps.

Flutter is free, and open-source Software Development Kit(SDK) used to develop high performing Android and iOS applications with the single code base. It is a dynamic, cross-platform framework, launched by Google in 2017 with all the integrated widgets and tools that result in faster app development.

Flutter and Dart Training Course Outline

Flutter Introduction

  • What is Hybrid Mobile App?
  • Options for Hybrid Mobile App?
  • What is Flutter?
  • What is Dart?
  • Compare Mobile App Platform
  • Installation and Setup
  • First Dart Programming

Dart Programming Syntax

  • Dart Programming?
  • Dart Variables
  • Dart Data Types
  • Dart Conditional Operators
  • Conditions in Dart
  • Looping in Dart
  • Break and Continue Statements
  • Switch Case Statement

Dart Functions & Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Functions
  • Function Parameters and Return Types
  • Object & Class
  • Methods and Constructors
  • Classes - Setters & Getters
  • Inheritance in Dart
  • Abstract Classes and Methods
  • Dart Project Structure and Dart Libraries

Introduction to Flutter

  • Understanding Flutter
  • Flutter Framework
  • Installing Android Studio
  • Installing and Configuring Flutter SDK
  • Setup an Android Virtual Device
  • Run a Flutter App
  • Creating a Simple Flutter App

Flutter Widgets Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Flutter Widgets
  • Creating a Flutter App Using Widgets
  • What is a Material App widget?
  • Scaffold Widget
  • Image Widget
  • Container Widget
  • Column and Row Widgets
  • Icon Widget
  • Layouts in Flutter
  • Card Widget
  • App Icons for iOS and Android Apps
  • Hot Reload and Hot Restart
  • State full and Stateless Widgets
  • Use a Custom Font

Navigation and Routing

  • Button Widget
  • FloatingActionButton
  • RaisedButton, FlatButton, and IconButton
  • DropdownButtons
  • OutlineButton
  • ButtonBar
  • PopupMenuButton
  • App Structure and Navigation
  • Navigate to a New Screen and Back
  • Navigate with Named Routes
  • Send and Return Data Among Screens
  • Animate a Widget Across Screens
  • WebView Widget in Flutter

Visual, Behavioral, and Motion-Rich Widgets-I

  • BottomNavigatorBar Widget
  • DefaultTabController, TabBar, and TabBarView Widgets
  • ListTile Widget
  • ListView Widget
  • Drawer Widget
  • DataTable Widget
  • Stack Widget

visual, Behavioral, and Motion-Rich Widgets implementing -II

  • Input and Selections
  • Text Field Widget.
  • Checkbox Group and RadioButtonGroup Widgets
  • Date Picker and Time Picker
  • Slider Widget
  • Switch Widget
  • Dialogs, Alerts, and Panels
  • Alert Dialog Widget
  • Cupertino Alert Dialog Widget.
  • Bottom Sheet
  • Modal Bottom Sheet
  • Persistent Bottom Sheet.
  • Expansion Panel Widget.
  • Snack Bar Widget.

Working with Firebase

  • What is the JSON?
  • How does Firebase Database work?
  • Firebase authentication (Signup and Login to Flutter App)
  • Configure Your App to use Firebase Services
  • Adding Firebase to your Android App
  • Adding Firebase to your iOS App
  • Configuring Firebase Authentication
  • Login to an App Using Firebase User Accounts
  • Logout Configuration
  • Firebase Database
  • Real Time Database
  • Cloud Firestore

State Management in Flutter

  • Defining a Data Model
  • Working on the Grid & Item Widgets
  • Why State Management? And what is "State" and "State Management"?
  • Understanding the "Provider" Package & Approach
  • Working with Providers & Listeners
  • Providing non-Objects
  • Listening in Different Places & Ways
  • Listening in Different Places & Ways
  • State, State Management & The Provider Package/ Approach
  • State, State Management & The Provider Package/ Approach
  • Using Nested Models & Providers
  • Exploring Alternative Provider Syntaxes
  • Using "Consumer" instead of "Provider.of"
  • Local State vs App-wide State

Sending Http Requests

  • On-Device vs Web Storage
  • How to Connect Flutter to a Database
  • How To Send Http Requests
  • Sending POST Requests
  • Working with Futures in Dart
  • Http Requests & Futures
  • Showing a Loading Indicator
  • Handling Errors Gracefully
  • Working with "async" & "await"
  • Fetching Data, initState & "of(context)"
  • How to Transform Fetched Data?
  • Implementing Pull-to-Refresh
  • Updating Data via PATCH Requests
  • Utilizing Optimistic Updating
  • Creating Custom Exceptions & More Error Handling

Device Native Features

  • Planning the App
  • Place List & Place Provider Setup
  • Adding the "Add Place" Screen & an Image Input
  • Using Image Picker & The Device Camera
  • Storing the Image on the File System (on the Device)
  • Managing Data & Images via the Provider Package
  • Handling Errors
  • Preparing SQLite
  • Storing & Fetching Data with SQLite
  • Adding a Location Input & The "location" Package
  • Fetching the User Coordinates
  • Displaying a Static Map Snapshot
  • Rendering a Dynamic Map (via Google Maps)
  • Allowing Users to Pick a Location on the Map
  • Storing the Location in SQLite